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Classroom Guides

Great Work Montessori School is a new charter public Montessori school that opened in the Fall of 2017. We will serve children from birth through 4th grade in 2018-2019, and grow a grade level each year. The school is located in east Lakewood in a brand new facility designed by Montessorians. 

At Great Work Montessori School our Mission is to support every child in becoming a joyful and courageous agent of peace, builder of community, and creator of justice and beauty. Our core values are AMI Montessori, diversity and community partnership. We believe that social justice must be the heart of the school curriculum.

Adolescent Program Director

Great Work Montessori School is accepting applications for a Homeschool Enrichment and Adolescent Program Director who is interested in the opportunity to develop engaging and challenging programming for adolescents. The Program Director will be part of a team that is grounded in Montessori principles, social justice, and the importance of community. The Great Work staff and administration believes that by implementing the Montessori method in a socioeconomically diverse setting, our classrooms foster empathy, adaptability, and intellectual agility, ensuring a more capable, interdependent, and harmonious community for all. This position will allow for creativity while developing programing and content as well as the opportunity to work side-by-side with students and homeschool participants. This position will best be filled by an educator who believes in experiential learning, who is focused on students as a whole person, who is passionate about the adolescent as a positive member of the greater community, who wants to get to know each student, and who wants to hold each student to their personal best academic selves and community member.
Great Work Montessori School is a public Montessori school in the Jefferson County Public Schools system that believes that social justice must be the heart of the school's guiding principles. This community aspires to welcome families of all backgrounds. Towards this goal, Great Work Montessori will be hosting middle school-aged homeschool participants in an organic farming enrichment program while simultaneously developing and preparing the Adolescent Program for the full-time Montessori students. The Homeschool Enrichment and Adolescent Program Director will work with homeschool participants in an enrichment program that allows students to work together and apply their diverse skills and knowledge to the real projects in the Great Work and local community in a non-academic, experiential setting. The Program Director will also have the opportunity to develop the Adolescent Program for the third plane Montessori students including the overall structure of the program, curriculum, and program facilities including a working farm and classrooms based on Montessori principles.
Great Work Montessori School’s expectations for all staff members is one of integrity, effective and empathetic communication with students and families, and a spirit of collaboration and transparency between colleagues and administration. Montessori training is preferred, but a background and/or relevant experience in a Montessori setting is acceptable. All applicants must not only have experience and success working with adolescents, but must respect their unique attributes and respect them.
The evolving nature of the Great Work Montessori School requires staff and administration to work together to not only continue the growth of the school, but to improve the school every year whether through whole-community initiatives or through personal endeavors. Great Work expects that all staff to support each other by participating in interdisciplinary and cross-level projects, in multi-day and overnight learning experiences, and in community-wide service and events.
 The Homeschool Enrichment and Adolescent Program Director will be responsible for the following duties and responsibilities under the direction of the principal:
1. Planning and facilitating the weekly enrichment program for homeschool participants. These activities include:
-working on the farm alongside the homeschool participants on the Great Work property
-working with the homeschool participants to host community events
-supporting homeschool participants’ interactions with Primary students such as reading aloud, walking to the park, or working on the farm together.
2. Seeking grants and funding in support of the Homeschool Program and the farm.
3. Developing the systems pertaining to and the structure of the future Adolescent Program.
4. Establishing standards of behavior that are consistent, considerate, fair, and in keeping with the district and individual school policies.
5. Providing feedback regarding the facilities used by the future Adolescent Program and assisting in planning these facilities when possible.
6. Organizing academic and character development opportunities for adolescents that extend beyond traditional classroom expectations such as project-based learning opportunities, trips, service, etc.
7. Serving as liaison between Great Work and the district in order to ensure appropriate standards are upheld and applied in order for students to earn a valid high school diploma.
8. Working together with all levels to ensure academic expectations are met and provide opportunities for younger and older students to work together.
9. Providing leadership for supporting staff in the Homeschool Program and/or Adolescent Program.

Special Educator

Would you like to be part of a fun, interactive community, and building a beautiful and innovative school from the ground up? Our new Montessori Charter school for ALL students in Jefferson County Schools is seeking highly qualified Special Education Teachers for Fall 2017. 

The Role: Special Ed teachers will administer support to students displaying needs in areas such as social and emotional development, speech and language development, dyslexia, sensory integration, English Language Learning, and subject matter delays. These supports will include: developing effective Individualized Education Plans (IEPs); providing targeted, evidence-based therapeutic interventions in compliance with IEP goals and objectives to facilitate student participation and performance within the school environment; completing comprehensive evaluations of various developmental skills, needs and functional abilities for the purpose of determining program eligibility and developing recommendations for treatment, assistive technology/devices and access to general education curriculum; providing daily tutoring to Special Education and other scholars in individual and small group settings; and adapting/modifying the environment to meet individual student needs, helping them function as independently as possible in the school setting; and providing engaging, motivating, and rigorous instruction in small group and individual settings with specific outcomes articulated and assessed.. 

Qualifications: Candidates must have demonstrated knowledge of specific developmental areas such as speech and language development, social and emotional development, fine or gross motor development, dyslexia, and sensory integration, as well as behavioral management within the learning environment and experience developing individualized education plans in collaboration with other educational providers, parents and students. In addition, candidates must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and one year working in schools achieving significant gains in student growth and development. Candidates must have excellent verbal and written skills, strong organizational skills, and experience writing effective Individualized Education Plans and communicating them effectively to a variety of stakeholders. 

Desired qualities: reliable, committed, energetic, patient and detail oriented; has initiative and curiosity; is an apt listener, able to learn quickly and follow instruction; openness to feedback and desire to continue learning and growth; demonstrates professionalism in word, deed, and appearance; specific interest in working within a Montessori school and learning how to fit their specialty services within a learning environment that is high respectful, reciprocal, peaceful and culturally responsive.

About Us: Great Work Montessori School seeks to offer high quality Montessori education in order to support every child in becoming a joyful and courageous agent of peace, builder of community, and creator of justice and beauty. GWMS is a FREE public Montessori school for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. In addition, we offer an income-based sliding scale tuition preschool. We aim to be an accessible and diverse public school, serving grades K-8, while embodying the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) standards for Montessori education. We are about Montessori for ALL! In our school, you will find a collaborative educator environment, engaging learning opportunities and staff development. Come grow with us! Please submit your resume and cover letter directly to HR at or phone 720-588-2207.


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