Homeschool Program

Welcome to the Great Work Montessori School Home School Enrichment program!
 We value the diversity and community partnerships created when children and families have the opportunity to engage in Montessori pedagogy. We also recognize the importance families place on educating their children in a setting of their choosing. We welcome homeschooling families to become part of our community. At Great Work Montessori School, we want to provide all families with the opportunity to engage in enriching, meaningful work based in service and community experiences. This program is not designed to be an academic program, but instead offers participants the opportunity to engage in the aspects of Montessori education that differentiate it from traditional education-valorization of the personality, nobility of work, understanding society, service learning, and stewardship.


Depending on enrollment numbers and the age of the student, groups will meet on campus one day a week on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 8:30-2:30. Families enrolled in the program are also encouraged to participate in all whole school community events and gatherings and to immerse themselves in the GWMS Community.


The property to be used for the program is located on a three-acre site across the street from our main campus on Center Avenue in Lakewood, CO.


The purposeful work of the Farm serves as a model of what has come before; the earlier stages of civilization when the nomadic peoples first began to domesticate the beasts and the plants. Students will learn to connect to their roots as beings of the Earth. Through the physical activities of agriculture, the child will become not only familiar with their changing physical capabilities, but will joyfully discover the optimism of providing for oneself and others. The Farm will teach the child the trials and successes of the cyclical nature of life and its beauty. Lessons will include the exploration using natural cues for weather prediction or navigation, beneficial insects for a healthy ecology, and basic farmsteading skills.


As the ancient nomadic peoples began to settle and master their environment, so came the necessity of creative expression to reflect the cultural life of their community. This was the beginning of Art. Our ancestors had opportunities for such expressions, so too will our students.  We will focus on the creation of artistic expression rather than put emphasis on the final product. Children will be encouraged to explore and experiment while learning about the variety of artistic expressions of the individual, community, and cultural identity with frequent tutorials presented to mixed ages. Students will engage in activities such as painting, sculpture, architecture, and textiles. Many of the materials used for these activities will be sourced from natural substances. Some can be easily replicated at home for further exploration.


The goals of the Farm Program enrichment for participants are to nourish their curiosity, develop a connection with nature, food, and their inner selves while working together in support of community values with age-appropriate tasks. 

Projects that they will take part in will support these goals by learning about biodiversity, how to create and support a successful garden, maintain the built environment, and experiment with techniques of self-expression. In keeping with Montessori values of community partnerships, students are regularly given opportunities to build upon their experiences with school-based volunteer work. Such opportunities are participation with reading to and helping younger children on the farm, harvesting produce and food preparation, hosting and participating in community events. Children working side-by-side with Guides and peers become active participants of their education as they navigate through each developmental plane from the elementary Cosmic Child to the adolescent Social Newborn. They will practice safety, attentive observation, problem-solving, volunteerism, collaboration, peace education, and the Social-emotional learning of grace and courtesy.

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