Preschool Tuition

GWMS Tuition Policy

2018/2019 Tuition Rate $15,000

Tuition is an annual amount for the 2018/2019 school year. Tuition covers school hours, 8am-3pm, Monday through Friday.
School holidays are indicated on the 18/19 calendar.

Great Work Montessori School’s Reduced-Rate Sliding-Scale Tuition Plan enables all GWMS families to educate their children as equal members of an economically, racially, and culturally diverse community. The Plan is designed to meet a fixed portion of the school’s annual budget through Contracted Tuition and voluntary contributions.

Rather than using more traditional financial aid and scholarship measures, a Contracted Tuition Rate is calculated for each Reduced-Rate paying family on a sliding scale in equitable proportion to families’ financial resources. Full tuition is set each year by the board.

All families participating in the Reduced-Rate Tuition Plan are asked to submit a Reduced-Rate Tuition Worksheet and Contract based on the most recent tax return when enrolling, and re-enrolling. The Worksheet is used to determine each individual family's Contracted Tuition Rate. Although we encourage all families to complete the Tuition Worksheet, families may elect not to submit the form by signing the waiver on the Worksheet. By signing the waiver, families indicate that they will pay the Full Contracted Tuition Rate for the year that they have waived out of our Reduced-Rate Tuition Plan. Families paying less than $1500/month pay a Reduced Rate. Enrollment is secured each year with a completed Tuition Worksheet, and a signed Tuition Contract. The Contracted Tuition Rate is then paid over the course of the school year via the available payment options. All reported income is subject to audit as requested by the board or Head of School.


For families enrolling more than one child under the age of five there is a discount of 10%.  Accepting the Siblings Discount makes you responsible for paying the CMTR both/all of the siblings. If siblings attend the school but are claimed by different parents/guardians, then the 10% discount is not applicable.

GWMS accepts CCAP, and encourages all families who might qualify to apply through their county of residency. Our enrollment office would be happy to help you initiate this process. Families who qualify must inform their case worker of their enrollment in GWMS immediately upon acceptance, using our license numbers. Parents are responsible for paying their tuition each month, according to their family's CMTR on our tuition calculator, until CCAP approval and funds are verified.  Eligibility contingent on a 90% attendance rate.  Students who fall under this attendance rate will be offered one month of probation, after which they may be dis-enrolled if continued excessive absences continue.


If you anticipate financial problems, please notify the office administrator before the end of the month.

  • If a family is 30 days late paying tuition, they are required to work with the school administrative team to create a payment plan.

  • If a family is 30 days late paying tuition, they are required to work with the school administrative team to create a payment plan.

  • If tuition is 45 days delinquent, the child will not be able to attend before/after care.

  • If a family is 60 days late paying tuition, the child’s place in the school or tuition based program will be forfeited.

Our school’s unparalleled commitment to economic, racial, and cultural diversity depends significantly on voluntary contributions. Voluntary giving is not required but is highly valued and deeply appreciated. If 10% of your family’s adjusted income is substantially higher than your Contracted Tuition Rate, please consider a tax deductible Gift to our Annual Fund.

Financial information is reviewed only by the school’s Head of School



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