We view partnership as an essential element of our learning community. We see the community as 3 entities. The Family, School, and Greater Community. We hope to illustrate from the diagram how we recognize that these communites are all in contact with one another and all have influence on and are influenced by the child. The child is at the center or heart of all the communities. We define the Family as children and adults who have primary influence on the child's development. The greater community is defined as the netweork of serivces and participant that impact children's lives beyond home and school. The school is defined as all the students, staff and facility of Great Work Montessori School. There are 3 main partnerships:

1) Partnership between family and school,

2) Partnership between School and Community,

3) Partnership between Family and Community. We as parents and school community need to establish a basic agreement on how we will enter into and maintain a partnership with one another. Keep in mind that as we grow and develop together as a community this agreement will evolve and change! This is a vision for a way of being; how we are connecting to one another.

We will strive to identify and overcome all barriers. We are open to seeing one another’s differences to meet each other where we are; creating the physical and emotional space of being a safe and non-judgemental community.

The three pillars are:

  1. Communication: It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain active, direct and respectful two-way communication. In addition to conference reporting, guides will communicate with you via classroom letter and newsletters as well as discussing any concerns via phone, email or in person.
  2. Learning: It is vital that the staff and families embody the mission and vision of Great Work Montessori. Familiarize and understand the philosophy, policies, and procedures contained in the parent handbook. We as a school will provide opportunities in different ways such as parent education nights, book clubs, and service opportunities for example to encourage us all to see ourselves as life-long learners.
  3. Support: Everyone working together to aid in the development of the whole child; physical, social, emotional and academic. This means being or becoming fluent in Montessori principles so you can create and maintain a physical and emotional environment to meet their needs.

    Moving from Involvement to Partnership

    · All feel support. Connected. BELONGING
    · Load is shared
    · Connected to a greater cause
    · What we do will have an impact on public education
    · Impact legislation-rent caps/zoning
    · This will impact assessment – no longer data points
    · Feeling scared
    · Children and others will be valued as great spiritual beings
    · All – families, children, board, staff, community – as learning communities will “see,” the ability to transform.
    · The diagram we created is how we are as community – co-equal partners in learning. · We are all teachers and students of each other. -Montessori is understood -Montessori is integrated among all socioeconomic classes -People across socioeconomic classes see each other as valuable
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